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Jeff Apter

I'm the author of more than 20 books.
My work includes biographies of the Finn brothers, Johnny O’Keefe, the Bee Gees, Marc Hunter, ‘Shirley’ Strachan, Silverchair, John Farnham and Keith Urban. I've ghostwritten with musicians, sportsmen, diplomats and soldiers of fortune. I also spent four years on staff at Rolling Stone. I was the creative consultant for the Helpmann Award-nominated 2015 live production, A State of Grace: The Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley.
My bestselling biography of Angus Young, entitled High Voltage, is now available in Australia and the UK, with a North America release in April 2018 and editions to follow in Brazil, Hungary, Finland and Czechoslovakia. There's a profile of me in a recent Illawarra Mercury. You can read a feature from the Scottish Sun.
I'll be visiting several libraries in and around Perth from February 15 to 19, and then Melbourne from March 21 to 24, talking about High Voltage. Full details of my Perth Library talk is here along with my other talks here — plus images of some great street posters for the book in Sydney and Melbourne. 
And a new, improved, Australia-only edition of my Jeff Buckley bio, A Pure Drop, is out now. You can read about the book at The Guardian and A softcover edition of my John Farnham bio, Playing to Win, has also just been published.
Here's a gallery of images charting where I've been and who I've met. Life's never dull, that's for sure.
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